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Nei Monggol Zheng Gu Modern Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

In October,2017,Nei Monggol Zheng Gu Modern Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. has installed the Vehical Cleaning and Disinfection Center from Qingdao Main Link Cleaning Equipment Co.,Ltd,it opens the door for the cooperation for this two companies.


Nei Monggol Zheng Gu Company is located in the helingeer county,hohhot city,nei monggo province.In Aug.23th,2017,this company signs the purchase contract with Qingdao Main Link company about the vehical cleaning and disinfection,also the drying equipment.In Oct.25th,2017,this project is installed and debugged successfully. 


With the use of the first set equipment,Nei Monggol Zheng Gu Company starts the second cooperation chance with Qingdao Main Link company.For the second cooperation,it purchases not only the vehical cleaning and disinfection center but also the centralized cleaning equipment which would finish the project at the beginnning of 2018.

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