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Automatic Car Washing Machine

    380V      Voltage:380V

  75kW      washing power:75kw

  45kW      drying power:45kw

  15MPa      pressure:15mpa

    28         nozzle quantity:28pcs

  10L/min    each nozzle flow rate:10L/min

3P+N+PE     incoming line:3P+N+PE

when the vehicle is near to the door,the roll-up door will open.

when the vehicle drives to the washroom,the high pressure surface cleaner systerm will start and clean the vehicle bottom.The deceleration zone at the entrance will slow the driving speed and improve the washing effect.

when the vehicle arrives at the chassis disinfection place,it would start the foam disinfection automatically.

Voice and LED both lead the vehicle to the right place.In this process,when the body will cross the bottom cleaning and disinfection,the bottom spray systerm will shut automatically.

After the vehicle stops,the automatic washing machine will wash its body clockwise.

Atomizing (or foaming) spraying the vehicle reacts with the clay,feces such dirt fully.

After a period of time,it would wash the vehicle again.

The machine will make the atomization  disinfection around the vehicle.

The machine will make the foam disinfection around the vehicle.

After the disinfection,it would wash the body.

After washing,the vehicle will go on moving forward,it would open the bottom cleaning function automatically to clean the foam disinfection pesticide residue.

when the vehicle passes the high pressure fan,it would start automatically and dry the vehicle.The deceleration zone will slow the driving speed and increase the drying time,also it could drop the large bead to improve the drying effect.

L ceiling boom,move around,360 degree rotation,ultrasonic sensor ensuring the ceiling boom around the vehicle safely and coming the automatic washing.

SIEMENS touchscreen and microcomputer control system,Swiss ABB motor,Germany Najaf ultrasonic sensor,Italy Interpump high pressure plunger pump,France Schneider electrical appliances

Standardized line layout, neat and beautiful, clear at a glance; Modular circuit,clear module zone,easy to the module regulation and later stage maintenance.

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