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Centralized constant pressure cleaning system.

product details

 Specification list


Rated voltage/frequency


rated power


 rated current


Rated pressure


Rated flow


Net weight


Size (mm)


Components of the brand

PLC microcomputer control system (Germany's Siemens)

Low touch screen (Germany's Siemens)
Control cabinet low voltage electrical components. (France Schneider)
high pressure water PUMP (Italian system PUMP)
motor (Germany Siemens)
hydraulic components (Germany SUTTNER)


Purpose/application field
Suitable for animal husbandry and aquaculture cleaning, high temperature sterilization.

Brand introduction
Intelligent constant pressure cleaning system is composed of "Qingdao main-link cleaning equipment co., LTD." and "German SUTTNER company" joint development of a product, mainly used in animal husbandry and food industry centralized high-pressure cleaning (cold water and hot water cleaning )and disinfection (bubble and atomized )humidifying etc.This equipment has the concentration, the characteristics of intelligence, high efficiency and energy saving, safe and stable.

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