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Washing and Disinfection Center for Truck

Vehicle Decontamination Center
Vehicle Decontamination Center is mainly forfarm transportation vehicles,cleaning and disinfect,Process by a combination of physics and chemistry.clean up the Harmful pathogenic microorganisms.Prevent the spread of pathogens from vehicles.To achieve the purpose of prevention and control.
At present China's livestock husbandry in large-scale reshuffle ,Large-scale farming group in large area expansion, acquisition, cooperation, livestock husbandry grow rapidly,In a large pig farm,they also very pay attention to the issue of biological safety, Vehicle Decontamination Center have been widely used now in foreign market,And in the increasingly dense environment of domestic farms,Pull ,transport, abandon truck ,feed carriage, Pull the dung car and so on more than 20 times a day, it will be the  pathogens  foreign source of transmission, we must attaches great importance to it. 

 The decontamination process
1, clean - basic cleaning, remove the car feces, soil and other attached objects.
2, high pressure cleaning - further remove the physical waste , soil and other attached objects above the vehicle .
3, chemical foam spraying disinfection - reduce the adhesion degree of adhesion, in favour of cleaning job completion.
4, physical secondary high pressure cleaning - remove the waste, soil and other attached objects above the vehicle.
5, chemical foam disinfection - chemical method to kill the pathogenic microorganisms on the vehicle.

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